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“This film is truly inspiring.  It powerfully tells the story of how a US Senate candidate and his campaign sought to make the issue of money in politics front and center, and it invites all of us to stand up and join the movement to reclaim our democracy.”
-John Bonifaz, President, Free Speech for People
“Charlie reminds us that that one person can make a difference in politics —and that impersonal out of state interests are not as good at reaching voter’s hearts as door to door candidates.”
-Trevor Potter, President, Campaign Legal Center
"As a grassroots activist fighting to get money out of politics, I know from personal experience how hard it is to keep getting up, day after day, and doing the work of making Wyoming a better place. Charlie's inspiring story gives me encouragement to keep fighting the good fight.”

- Ken Chestek, Chair, Wyoming Promise


“It's always a good sign when I cry at least 5 times during a documentary and Charlie vs Goliath certainly topped that. Charlie's story is just so relevant and this film could really strike a chord right now.”

- Anne Hager, New York Indivisible


“Charlie vs Goliath has refilled my optimism tank.” 

- Dan Hanson, Democracy Spring


“The movie was like a breath of clean air blowing through a room of noxious fumes. The authenticity and genuine care Charlie and so many others embody is a source of great hope and solace.”

- Kelley Weston, Ketchum, Idaho


"Charlie versus Goliath tells a moving story of passion for people in the face of deep partisanship. This film will open hearts and minds to the reality of America's political divide, and the possibility of another way forward."

- Miranda Gold, Our Revolution Boise


"Being as tough as nails, I'm a huge cry baby, yet I realized over the years that these are not mutually exclusive. I choked up on stage because I was incredibly moved by Charlie's story. Whether you are an activist working hard for the common good or you are doing something everyday for the good of all, it is so important to not lose a tender heart and the human stories of the "why" that launched your path."

- Yiwen Chang, Indivisible OR-1


“We loved the film and really liked Charlie so much. The whole experience was inspiring. I hope a lot more people see the film because I think it can open eyes.”

- Amanda Oglesbee, Wellsville, New York


“Charlie vs Goliath is gorgeous, powerful, inspirational, timely and important.”

-Lisa Ortiz, Independents for Progressive Action Chair, Oregon


"Wow! So beautiful. We laughed and we cried a little too. I think it's just the perfect movie for organizing. I feel energized and inspired. And ready to find just the right candidate to put all my energy into!"

- Kristin Storey, Our Revolution Ojai

Charlie vs Goliath  won a Special Juror's Award at the Ojai Film Festival

Charlie vs Goliath won a Special Juror's Award at the Ojai Film Festival

It is in these turbulent times that we must rely on - but can’t take for granted - the courage of individuals acting with integrity to do the right thing - despite the odds, despite how long the shot may be, despite the roadblocks imposed by a much louder opposition. 

With this unique recognition, we would like to honor the film Charlie vs. Goliath, directed by Reed Lindsay, which follows the Democrat Charlie Hardy on his uphill battle to unseat an established Republican Senator in the State of Wyoming. Charlie’s main concern is the influence of money in politics, which he convincingly expresses to anybody willing to listen. He does not accept campaign donations from big corporations, lobbyists or special interest groups. He runs a grassroots campaign and inspires others by emphasizing his independence from big money and by listening to their concerns.

We as an audience - we as citizens - need to decide, at which point we give our vote to the candidate who does the right thing versus the one who has the best chance of winning. Our other alternative is to run for office ourselves. Even then, Charlie acts as an inspiration.

Please join me in congratulating Reed Lindsay and Charlie Hardy on inspiring us to act with integrity and fight for a better world.

Ojai Film Festival


Charlie vs Goliath is an irresistible call to action to fight for what’s right and a tool for grassroots groups working toward political change to galvanize people into action.

Please CONTACT US if you're interested using the film as a unifying and inspiring tool for your organization or community.